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Welcome to our Heavenly Heart section, a place where we express deep gratitude and appreciation for the lives of our beloved homeless individuals and veterans who have passed away. Each one of them deserves to be honored and remembered.

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💚💙💛 Ms. Alice, an amazing senior she was, with a lively spirit, a courageous heart and a love of Christ. She is deeply loved and will be missed. Thankful for the impact we had during her golden years, and grateful for the lasting imprint she left in our hearts 💚💙💛

1939-2023 💫

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💚💙💛 Mr. Kay, a delight and joyful veteran who graced us with his presence for quite some time. He taught us to love Big Band (music) and to protect our back pockets so that no one would take our wallets! Oh how we loved and enjoyed our time with you💚💙💛

1933-2023 💫

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💚💙💛 Curtis, we will forever hold you near and dear to our hearts. You fought a good fight, we will continue to think of you often in the days to come; Being with us since the very beginning, before Huge Heart was The Huge Heart, we feel honored to have spent so many years with you filled with funny phone calls, laughs, cries and love💚💙💛

1969-2023 💫


💚💙💛 Rest in peace, dear Bill. Your kind heart and beautiful spirit will always be remembered and cherished.💚💙💛



💚💙💛 Remembering Ron, who always had a smile on his face, a love for McDonald's, and a phone in his hand. You will be missed. 💚💙💛


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